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Employment & Consumer Issues

The attorneys at Levine Law Group, APC have the knowledge and experience to vigorously pursue your labor and employment or consumer law case, and we actively pursue cases throughout California.  Levine Law Group focuses on employment and consumer issues on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals, including:

  • Unpaid Overtime (Defined as Working More than 8 Hours per Day and/or More than 40 Hours per Week without Being Paid Time and a Half)

  • Minimum Wage Violations

  • Prevailing Wages

  • Unpaid Commissions and/or Unpaid Piece-Rate Work

  • Meal Breaks (Working Shifts More than 5 Hours without Being Provided a 30-Minute Off-Duty Meal Break)

  • Rest Breaks (Working Shifts More than 4 Hours without Being Provided a 10-Minute Rest Break)

  • Unpaid Meetings or Training

  • Unpaid "Off-the-Clock" Work 

  • Misclassification of Employees as Exempt

  • Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

  • Discrimination

  • Harassment

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Purchase of Products Based on Misleading or False Advertising

Our Results

The list of cases Levine Law Group, APC has worked with is extensive, providing us with the experience and expertise to help you in your time of need. The following represents some class action settlements that members of our firm have litigated since 2005.

  • National Telecommunications Company                  $14,000,000

  • National Mortgage Company                                     $9,500,000

  • National Retailer                                                        $7,000,000

  • National Retailer                                                        $5,500,000 

  • National Retailer                                                        $5,250,000

  • National Hotel                                                            $4,250,000

  • National Restaurant (1)                                             $4,000,000

  • National Restaurant (2)                                             $4,000,000

  • National Restaurant (3)                                             $2,750,000

  • National Film Studio                                                  $1,800,000

  • National Homebuilder (1)                                          $1,500,000

  • National Homebuilder (2)                                          $1,200,000

  • National Homebuilder (3)                                             $875,000

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